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Canadian Secret Santa Treats San Francisco Starbucks Customers To $400 In Gift Cards

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— It wasn't exactly a Christmas miracle, but Wendy Topletz, a KPIX staffer, and a co-worker were treated on Christmas Eve at the Jackson Street San Francisco Starbucks by a Secret Santa who left $400 in gift cards for patrons to use as a tribute to a brother who had passed away.

The Secret Santa left a note at the store next to the Financial District Safeway that read the following:

"Dear Starbucks,

Merry Christmas!
Can you believe Christmas is almost here? I have a request for your store.
On Christmas Eve, could you please use the enclosed gift cards to pay for patrons drinks until the funds are depleted? Let people know that it is a gift from someone in Canada in honor of her brother who used to enjoy his afternoon coffees at this location, especially on sunny days. He passed away in September 2012.

With much appreciation,

Secret Santa

P.S. If this letter arrives after December 24th, please use on New Years Eve or New Years Day."

Topletz and her co-worker were the lucky last two to enjoy drinks on Canadian Secret Santa's tab.


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