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Pack a lunch if you are heading to San Francisco International for a flight

SFO food workers walk off the job leaving travelers scrambling for snacks
SFO food workers walk off the job leaving travelers scrambling for snacks 00:33

SAN FRANCISCO -- For a second day, thousands of travelers streaming through San Francisco International Airport were going hungry or wanting for a drink or cup of coffee Tuesday as a fast-food workers remain on the picket lines and not behind counters or grills.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors said they will hold a hearing to investigate working conditions and attempt to find a resolution to the walkout.

The strike by nearly 1,000 workers began early Monday and has forced most of the airport's restaurants, bars, coffee shops and lounges to close. At the few outlets that remain open, passengers endured long lines for food and coffee.

Workers have been manning picket lines outside both Terminal 1 and 3, holding "on strike" and "one job should be enough" signs.  

On Monday, officials issued an apology to the thousands of travelers who would be streaming through the terminals.

"Staffing at newsstands is not currently affected, and these outlets will continue to offer grab-and-go food and beverages," officials said in an email. "Full-service meal availability may be limited. SFO apologizes for any inconvenience this causes."

The open-ended strike includes cashiers, baristas, cooks, dishwashers, bartenders, servers and lounge attendants with 30 different employers at 84 food and beverage outlets throughout the airport. The food service workers had previously voted by 99.7 percent to authorize the strike .

Union leaders said at issue was being paid a living wage. The majority of union members makes in the neighborhood of $17.05 per hour and have not seen a raise in three years.

"I have to work two jobs to support my family and meet our needs, and it means I barely get to see my kids and grandkids," said Vivian Narvarte, who works at both Pie Five Pizza and Ladle & Leaf Restaurant at SFO. "My pay for a whole hour of work is less than the price of just one meal. That is so unfair. I'm on strike because I want to quit my second job and have more time with my family."  

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