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Bay Bridge Implosion On Old Eastern Span Delayed One Week

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- Bay Bridge watchers anticipating the implosion scheduled for November 7 will have to wait another week. The so-called E3 Pier implosion is now set for Saturday, November 14.

The delay was announced at a media briefing Tuesday morning.

Caltrans engineers and officials shared details about the plan to bring down the largest piers supporting the old eastern span.

They cited problems with project materials as the reason for the delay.

The implosion will be a series of underwater charges and last just 6-seconds, sending debris into the air.

"What we're trying to do is peel back the concrete," said Dr. Brian Mahoney, Chief Engineer. "That's what this blast is designed for - to peel back the concrete so the structure no longer supports itself - and then, gravity is what does the work."

Caltrans calls Saturday's scheduled implosion of the largest of the piers of the former Bay Bridge "an incredible milestone". It will involve 3 boats and 5 stationary buoys monitoring water quality and sea life.

The implosion is scheduled for Saturday morning but the exact time has not been specified, though.

When it does happen, traffic will be shut down eastbound at Treasure Island, westbound at the toll plaza for 15 to 30 minutes. Boaters will be kept at least 1,500 feet away from the area for safety reasons.

The estimated price tag on the implosion is $160 million.

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