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Australian Singer Clinton Kane Robbed At Gunpoint In San Francisco; 'They Had The Gun In My Face'

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Australian singer Clinton Kane's first trip to San Francisco came to a frightening end after thieves held him at gunpoint while breaking into his vehicle in the city's Cow Hollow neighborhood.

The robbery took place on Friday, about an hour into his visit. The 22-year-old, who has a large following on TikTok, witnessed his car getting broken into on Filbert Street. He had been eating outside at Rooster & Rice.

Kane first posted a video of the aftermath on Instagram, where he and his friends could be heard saying: "We almost got [expletive] shot, we almost died..."

"We kind of heard glass shatter, and we looked over and we kind of knew it was our car already," said Kane. "We basically, three of us, two of my mates went over to the car, and as soon as we tried stopping them, they pulled out guns on us, all three of them, and then we ended up on the floor with our hands raised."

When asked if the suspects said anything to him:

"Yeah, they were like don't try anything, get out of the way. And they had the gun in my face."

Kane says the robbers made off with more than $30,000 worth of camera equipment. Everything his team had just shot for their upcoming documentary was also lost.

SFPD said the getaway car was a black 4-door Audi A6.

"So I go out every weekend and stuff like that, and to hear something like that is pretty unsettling," said Cow Hollow resident Mitchell Rom.

Resident Harrison Adel said he often parks on the streets in the area.

"Usually it's a pretty safe area and we moved here like late last year so this is probably one of the craziest things that we've heard about so far," said Adel.

Kane said he's scheduled to return to San Francisco on tour in December.

"I mean I'm definitely more paranoid now cause the next morning we were there until 7 pm and leaving the car anywhere I always think about it - we need to get in a garage. Is a garage even safe?"

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