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49ers star Fred Warner's wife will "never" return to the Philly's Linc

49ers player's wife says Eagles fans were mean at the Linc
49ers player's wife says Eagles fans were mean at the Linc 01:22

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The NFC title game between the Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers was rough. Multiple players, including quarterbacks Brock Purdy and Josh Johnson, were sidelined with injuries as the Eagles routed them, 31-7.

But according to a 49ers player's wife, San Francisco fans also got some rough treatment.

Sydney Warner, who's married to linebacker Fred Warner, sounded off in a recent TikTok.

"I'll probably never go back to that stadium, to be honest," Warner said. "I just couldn't handle the fans...honestly, I just didn't feel very safe."

She said her husband told her not to bring anything with Niners colors, but she brought a red bag and tried to keep it hidden under her coat.

Warner claimed an Eagles fan got in her face at a concession stand after seeing her red gear, but other fans stepped in and told him to back off.

"I wanted to leave early before they let all of them out, because...riots and all that."

She said she and other 49ers fans were heckled in a tunnel as they were leaving, claiming one fan even wished for their plane to crash on the way home.

"Never again," Warner said.

Warner also said there was "dark energy" at Lincoln Financial Field.

That's kind of what Birds fans are going for when it comes to the other team.

Eagles players' spouses appeared to come to the fanbase's defense on Twitter Wednesday night, while not addressing Warner or her TikTok directly.

When cornerback Darius Slay was on the Detroit Lions, his wife Jennifer Slay went to a game at the Linc, she said on Twitter.

"Didn't have a single person say a word to me," she said in the tweet. "I had on Slay's blue No. 23 jersey."

Rachol West-Chachere, a former college basketball player who's married to Eagles practice squad safety Andre Chachere, said she didn't like "slander" against the Philly fanbase.

"I swear I'm not mean," she tweeted. "I literally helped two 49er wives I've never met get covered seats at the game because they had babies and transferred my extra tickets to them. I just don't like the Philly fan base slander. We aren't doing that today, or yesterday, or tomorrow."

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