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49ers beat Giants on Latino Heritage Night at Levi's Stadium

49ers beat Giants in home opener at Levi's Stadium
49ers beat Giants in home opener at Levi's Stadium 02:55

SANTA CLARA -- The San Francisco 49ers went into their home opener 2-0 so fans were already excited but many weren't just celebrating their team – they were celebrating their culture.

Thursday's game was also Latino Heritage Night at Levi's Stadium. Some knew about it, others didn't.

Oscar Torres was born in Michoacán, México but came to the U.S. as a child.

"Since the day I arrived to the U.S. I've been a Niner fan," Torres said.

He came to the game with his two kids and he said it's special that the 49ers have a Latino Heritage night.

"Because you gotta admit, if you look around, there's a big Latino fan base here and I really appreciate that they see that," he added.

That sentiment was present throughout the parking lot before the game. One family was celebrating a birthday so they brought a band to play music. Then there were several Mexican flags at the tailgate -- some of them included the 49ers logo in the middle.

"To recognize the Latino and Mexican heritage, it's part of our culture. It's nice, it's awesome," said Adrian Franco, a 49ers fan.

Before the game, the touchdown team came out with sugar skull flags then, during halftime, there was mariachi music and Ballet Folklórico

The 49ers were also up at halftime. Fans came into the game ready to support their team.

Megan Mertz is a Niners fan and was attending her first home opener. She was hoping to give a friendship bracelet to one of the players. Instead though, Christian McCaffrey gave Mertz a football.

She has a good feeling about the season.

"Oh yeah, we're gonna go to the Super Bowl," she said.

Torres thinks so too.

"I've had a good feeling for a while but this season is going to be special," he said.

The 49ers play the Cardinals on Oct. 1.

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