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2 Bucks - 1 Dead, 1 Living Get Antlers Tangled Together Prompting Bizarre Rescue In Moraga

MORAGA (KPIX 5) -- A bizarre animal rescue unlike animal control officers had ever seen in the East Bay hills was caught on camera when two bucks were found with their antlers tangled together with rope and wires.

When animal services officers discovered the bucks in Moraga Tuesday morning, one of the animals was dead.

"Terrible.  I feel terrible.  I love animals," said Lenny Inzeo, whose property is near where the bucks were found.

Officers believe one of the bucks got his antlers mixed up in some nylon construction rope before tangling with the other buck.

"Probably the two deer were in some sort of battle and became entangled," Rick Golphin, Deputy Director of the Contra Costa Animal Services said.

Officers acted fast, calming the one living deer by covering him with a blanket.  It took several minutes of sawing at the string before the buck that lived was finally freed.

"He looked like he was pretty happy to be disentangled," Golphin said.

Lenny believes the rope that bound the bucks together came from a previous owner's leftover construction scraps.  His son has since cleaned it up.

Other neighbors in the area say they've seen more deer than usual, especially during the day.

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