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ConsumerWatch: Lead Still Turning Up In Purses, Wallets

OAKLAND (CBS 5) - Two years after nearly 200 manufacturers and sellers of women's accessories agreed to strict limits on the the amount of lead in their products, items with the toxic metal are still turning up on store shelves.

The Center for Environmental Health, an environmental watchdog group based in Oakland, tested 300 brightly colored women's purses and wallets for lead, as part of a follow up to a study it performed three years ago. The group says at least 15 % of the items tested contained lead levels higher than the agreement allowed.

The worst offender was a bright yellow wallet by upscale designer Tori Burch, purchased for $200 at Neiman Marcus. CEH. said it had nearly 200 times the acceptable level of lead. The designer's company has issued a statement saying it takes the lead issue very seriously, and is now investigating.

Visit This CEH Link For Information About Free Lead Testing

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