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13 Of The Most Spectacular Recent Photos From KCBS Sky 1

You rely on KCBS' Ron Cervi to get you out of traffic headaches on Bay Area roads, but did you know he also snaps some of the most stunning photographs of the Bay Area from his perch in Sky1? Here are a few of our favorites from the last few weeks.

Sunrise over San Francisco

Morning sunlight cascades atop the low clouds as Sky 1 heads towards Mount Diablo

The construction site of Apple's new 'Spaceship' campus in Sunnyvale

Sky 1 looking straight down my wing at the Golden Gate

It looks like something important is about to happen near Lake Elizabeth in Fremont

The World's most beautiful skyline

Best possible way to enter the Bay Area

Sunlight starting to filter through the overcast skies near the Richmond Bridge

Another 50 ft higher and we'd have the Sutro sailboat floating on fog again

Sunlight over Tiburon

The incredible shrinking Bay Bridge....notice how much traffic under the bridges!

Sunrise beyond the Carquinez Br.

The View outside Sky 1's window with #alcatraz in the Golden Gate's Web

Want to see more and learn what inspires Ron to pull out his camera? Check out this video:


All photos courtesy of Ron Cervi/KCBS. Follow him on Twitter (@sky1ron) or Instagram sky1ron for more.

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