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Yolo Library Letting Patrons Read Off Fines With Annual Program

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The Yolo County Library is making it possible for patrons to pay off overdue fines just by reading with its 5th annual Read Off Your Fines campaign.

It's an incentive aimed at getting more people into reading.

If you have late fees at this library, forget pulling out cash to pay them off. All you have to do is turn the page.

For every 15 minutes you read, you get a dollar off your fine. The Read Off Your Fines campaign helps children and young adults spend more time reading and less time worrying about those late fees.

"The main goal is to get children who have over $10 to get their fines back below that limit so they can return to the library and check out books," said Laura Smith, a library employee.

People between the ages of 5 and 18 will earn a $1 credit for each 15 minutes of reading.

"It's pretty cool because I like to read and all my books are late," said Isabel, 10, a library patron.

The campaign encourages those who have been blocked from checking out materials and once again be able to hit up the books.

"Our goal is to not to make money at the library, but more so to improve reading skills and give them access to materials especially kids and improving literacy."

Many say it's a great message to get more people reading.

"Reading helps develop other skills and we want to start kids young and we want them to realize the library is a place where they can check out books and not worry about the fines," said Smith.

The program is offered at each of the eight branches. The benefits to reading are endless and the campaign hopes to keep more kids inside curling up to a good book.

"I like reading because you learn all different kinds of stuff," said Michelle Velasquez, an avid reader.

"Reading helps develop other skills, especially reading early in life. If you start off as a kid you will be a reader your whole life," said Smith.

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