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World Baseball Classic: 3 Alternate Logos Team USA Should Consider

by Russell Preston, Sports 1140 KHTK

Springtime is near, which means the World Baseball Classic is heating up. Lawns are being mowed, dirt is being leveled and the great game of baseball is here once again.

Sixteen countries will be sending their best ballplayers onto the field in hopes of winning the coveted WBC title, but one overlooked part of the tournament is the logos/cap design of each team. Since it's origins in 2006, no WBC team has rebranded themselves with a new logo or hat. This is a problem.

Logos should be fresh, exciting and reflective of the team wearing them. A lot can change in 11 years and so should the logo, dagnabbit.

Team USA's logo, if I dare say, is garbage. We, as a nation, can do better. Just look at it:

See what I mean? What even is that? The year 2006 called, it wants it's trash back.

Now look at this one for team Mexico, or this one for the Dutch team. Heck, even this Dominican Republic hat is better.

So, just for fun, here are three other options for the Team USA cap logo, made by yours truly:

Option #1:

I went with a classic, old Americana industrial type of look. It worked decades ago and it'll still work today.

Thick bold lines, sharp corners and some red wings on the side - this looks like it could be a logo for a good 'ol American railroad company. Or a baseball team.

Definitely a baseball team.

Option #2:

This one is a little more basic. It looks like it could be a little league all-star team cap, if I'm being honest with myself.

I don't know why I suggested this one. Moving on.

Option #3:

This one has all the traits of a winner: clean, bold lettering, right angles and one solid color. If you look at some of the other designs, the best ones are the simplest (with an exception of team Italy, who is "supposedly" a fashion-centric country).

It's legible, it stands out and it's still patriotic without being busy with stars and stripes and all that jazz.

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