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Bear Sighting Reported Near Winters; Unclear If It's Same Animal Seen Roaming Vacaville

WINTERS (CBS13) – Authorities are alerting residents about a bear sighting near Winters.

Winters police said on Friday that the sighting was in the Putah Creek and orchards area southwest of the city.

It comes on the same week that Vacaville had a string of sightings of a young bear. That particular bear was seen roaming some neighborhoods on Monday in Vacaville before it apparently headed back up into the hills.

With that bear basically keeping to himself, fish and wildlife officials were content to let it go back home on its own.

Later in the week, officials reported that they were investigating another bear sighting in Vacaville. With the animals being able to travel up to 20 miles per day, wildlife officials said they weren't sure if it was the same bear spotted on Monday.

It's unclear if the bear spotted near Winters is also that same bear.

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