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West Sacramento Mom Returns $10,000 She Found To Set Example For Daughter

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A West Sacramento mom taught her daughter a life lesson after receiving a stash of money and returning it.

"I says 'We gotta take it back to the bank,'" Phyllis Gonzalez said.

She was on her way to pick up her daughter Celestina from School.

"I was turning right and I looked and I - they looked like checks and I was like 'Oh, I better stop,'" she said.

Right there, on the sidewalk was a stack of checks just outside the Wells Fargo Bank in West Sacramento. The total was more than $10,000.

"That's a lot of money to lose," Celestina said.

So they turned the money into the bank.

"It's awful to just lose something knowing that 'Oh I wonder if I'm going to get it back, you know, just devastating," Phyllis said.

But she didn't stop there. She went to Facebook to try to find the owners of the checks. All of them were made out to M&M Lightweight Concrete Company. She called the business that night and again in the morning.

She finally talked to the woman on Friday morning over the phone and she explained how she lost the checks in the first place. She came over here to Wells Fargo to make a deposit but first, she went over to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee but then, when she came back to Wells Fargo she realized she didn't have the checks anymore.

"I was just glad to hear that she was relieved," Phyllis said.

She didn't do it to get anything in return, but she's happy she could set a good example for her daughter.

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