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"We are here": Stockton police visit businesses impacted by deadly weekend shooting

Stockton police visit businesses impacted by deadly weekend shooting
Stockton police visit businesses impacted by deadly weekend shooting 01:49

STOCKTON -- Inside Stockton's Waterfront Warehouse, home to businesses from restaurants to the city's Chamber of Commerce, Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden walked business to business to connect after a deadly weekend shooting. 

It happened on Saturday, inside the Warehouse, in front of a business. The shooting left a 41-year-old man dead and two injured, police said. Tuesday, signs of the shooting were still visible. A window that was shot out is now covered with wood and there was blood on the window that was cleaned by a custodian Tuesday afternoon. 

Employees and customers of the barbershop, restaurants, and insurance company that call the building home were reminded of the gun violence the city experienced over the weekend when they arrived to work this week. 

In response, Chief McFadden, and other members of the Stockton Police Department, walked from business to business inside to check in with employees, customers, and business owners to make sure they were okay after, what McFadden described as the "weekend trauma." 

"How are you doing?" 

"How is it after hours during the week?"

"We want to reassure you, we are here." 

These questions, among others, were asked by Chief McFadden as he moved from business to business. He explained the police presence is to reassure but also get out the message to the greater community that 911 calls should come in when tensions are rising. 

"These are large disturbances that escalate over time. We need those early warning calls, 'Hey, things are starting to escalate, it's time to get the police rolling,' " said McFadden.

He said another piece to the walkaround was to connect with members of the community who may be interested or qualify to join the Stockton Police Department. CBS13 has reported the department is down 100 officers, and recruitment is a necessity. 

The owner of Inspire Academy of Barbering and Cosmetology told CBS13 "it meant a lot" to have Chief McFadden at his business to check in. He owns multiple businesses inside the warehouse, including one that sits directly in front of where Saturday's shooting occurred. 

"It's no worse than what a Sacramento is, what a Detroit is, it's happening everywhere. It's at no fault of anyone except the people that are doing what they're doing," said Rondell Deon, the owner of Inspire. 

Deon said he is hopeful visits and conversations with Stockton Police continue, even after the weekend shooting and Tuesday's check-in. "It's what we need," he explained. 

McFadden echoed that sentiment -- that these are the moments that make connections between police and the community. 

"I think the one thing is build those relationships during traumas. I think that's when it can be sustainable." said McFadden, "We're connecting with business owners that are giving Stockton a chance."   

No motive or suspect information was found for the Saturday shooting, as well as another shooting on Sunday that left one person dead and three people injured, according to police. 

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