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Viewers Call Kurtis to get help with towing refund

Viewers Call Kurtis to get help with towing refund
Viewers Call Kurtis to get help with towing refund 01:48

SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento couple said their car was wrongfully towed while visiting family, and when they couldn't get a refund, they called on Kurtis Ming to investigate.

Part of the difficulty with Brandie LaTour and Evan Mauvais' situation was that they said they had a parking permit hanging from the rear-view mirror the whole time. But how do they prove it?

Brandie said they realized what happened when the car was brought up at the tow yard.

"They pull the car up, and that's when we see the pass," she said. "It was still hanging in the window."

The could say someone must have missed it when the car was towed from Brandie's mom's Natomas condo complex.

"We thought it was actually stolen," Brandie said.

But once they realized it was at the tow yard and they paid to have it released, that was when they say they saw the permits.

The tow company provided the couple a bill with grainy photos taken before the tow by the complex's security company. It's tough to distinguish the pass, but Brandie and Evan felt someone owed them a refund and turned to the condo's homeowner's association.

But there was a problem.

"No one wants to talk to us," said Brandie.

But the Call Kurtis team got different results after contacting all parties.

The homeowners association worked with the towing contractor and decided to reimburse the charge, saying it "will then address the matter with the towing contractor and/or the security company." 

The couple got answers after Brandie's mom recommended they call CBS13.

A Kurtis tip: always take photos whenever you're parking in a permitted zone, and be sure to include a timestamp and geolocation. 

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