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Overweight, Abandoned Turkey Bred For The Dinner Table Rescued In Placer County

WILTON (CBS13) — A turkey's triumph came just days before Thanksgiving.

Rescuers found a turkey dumped and limping along a rural Placer County road. He was clearly bred for the dinner table, but life took a lucky turn. He went from dinner meat to coyote bait to making a comeback you can't help but gobble up.

He's known as Bubba, the butterball turkey who was genetically altered to gain weight. Local wildlife rescuer Stefanie Stewart ended up being the one to take him in.

"I'm like 'sure I haven't had a domestic turkey in a while so why not? It's Thanksgiving'," Stewart said.

So Bubba was brought to Skywater Ranch in Wilton with feet so swollen he could barely walk.

"I may put little slippers on his feet for a while so he has some padding -- Kind of like the way we wear shoes," Stewart said.

Rescuers say a turkey like Bubba would usually only live 6 months. Now he may live a few years.

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Bubba's second chance is more than just some space to roam. He's come to a loving land of misfits, where every animal has a story. Most of animals Animals at Stewart's sanctuary were abandoned or unwanted for their disabilities. But this thanksgiving, "It's totally a turkey pardon," Stewart said.

Instead of providing the feast, Bubba will enjoy a feast with family.

"They look at you and appreciate what you've given them."

If you are interested in learning more about Skywater Rescue Ranch and Sanctuary or donating to Stewart's efforts, here's the website:

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