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The Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento Closed For Cockroach Infestation

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento was closed for the second time this month for "vermin and animal contamination" after hundreds of dead cockroaches were found during a health inspection.

The restaurant did pass inspection on Tuesday afternoon and did receive a pass.

The Sacramento County Retail Food Facility inspection report is not available for Monday's closure. However, the health inspector report from October 3, 2019, said the inspector observed two live German cockroaches behind the salad/dessert prep area and a separate cockroach in the basement next to a grease trap. Hundreds of dead German cockroaches were found in the basement where food is not stored.

An employee got rid of the three live cockroaches but the restaurant was ordered to eliminate the cockroach infestation by Monday's re-inspection. It was also not allowed to use the salad/dessert prep area after the October 3rd inspection. The restaurant was also ordered to inform Pest Control of a "possible harborage and breeding area of German cockroaches next to grease trap in basement."

The October 3rd inspection was a follow-up to a failed inspection on October 2.

The closure report from October 2, 2019, cited 15 live German cockroaches and three Ootheca (egg sac) in a number of locations:

  • 1 adult and 1 nymph at end of warewashing area
  • 2 behind prep sink of salad prep area
  • 1 behind ice cream freezer
  • 1 in gap at rubber top set cove base by walk-in refrigerator
  • 2 in gap by pipe going into rubber top set cove base in bakery prep room
  • 7 nymph on wall in ice machine room
  • 2 Ootheca downstairs in maintenance area
  • 1 Ootheca next to floor sink and handsink in main kitchen

In addition, 32 dead cockroaches were found in the facility (20 in the downstairs maintenance area, 5 in various areas of the main kitchen, 7 in the courtyard bar).

After the October 2nd inspection, the Firehouse was closed and its health permit temporarily suspended. The restaurant needed to call pest control for service, seal all gaps, holes, and cracks, remove all dead cockroaches, and clean and sanitize the entire kitchen before re-opening.

The Firehouse Restaurant opened nearly 60 years ago and is considered one of Sacramento's "fine dining" restaurants.

In response to our story, a restaurant spokesperson issued a statement that reads, in part:

"Sacramento County officials recently inspected the restaurant and identified areas where we needed to improve our maintenance and storage process. To make necessary improvements, we closed the restaurant temporarily. At no time, was there any question about the quality and procedures used to prepare meals and serve customers.

"We have completed this work and trained our staff to ensure the enhancements are part of our daily operating procedure and have reopened for business."

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