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Stockton Serial Killer: Wesley Brownlee lived a few doors down from alleged victim

California Serial Killer: Neighbors of the suspect describe what he was like
California Serial Killer: Neighbors of the suspect describe what he was like 02:08

STOCKTON — Wesley Brownlee remains behind bars after being charged with three counts of murder - more charges are likely to follow as the investigation continues.

CBS13 visited his home and discovered Brownlee lived just a few doors down from one of his alleged victims.

Michael Wilson, a neighbor who knew the suspected serial killer, says he never thought Brownlee would be accused of something like this.

Wilson revealed Brownlee lived a few doors down from his alleged victim, 21-year-old Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez.

On Aug. 30, Rodriguez's body was found in the parking lot of his apartment complex. Wilson says he heard the gunshot.

A memorial for Rodriguez sits in the spot where his body was found - within a short walk of Brownlee's front door.

Wilson described his relationship with Brownlee; he says they were cordial, but Wilson knew not to push his buttons.

"He seemed like he had a little attitude problem at times," Wilson said. "You just had to keep your space from him."

According to the East Bay Times, court documents reveal Brownlee's troubled past.

The documents show he was accused of sexual assault in high school, arrested for selling crack cocaine three times, and lost his brother to a drug-related killing.

Wilson says Brownlee often got agitated at neighbors for parking in his spot and once threw a man's wheelchair because of an argument.

The apartment's layout is courtyard-style; it is still unconfirmed if Brownlee knew Rodriguez before the suspected killing.

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