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Search On For Suspect In Suspicious Death Of Toddler

SONORA (CSB13) — Police are searching for a suspect in the death of a toddler. He went to the hospital with flu-like symptoms, but 10 months later, Sonora cops call it murder.

The family never believed that the flu killed Koltyn. Now they feel they could be getting close to the arrest of the real person responsible.

Koltyn Sparks-Blackwood was just two months short of his second birthday when he died. His family said he was born with a glowing spirit which they refuse to forget.

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Posted by Justiceforkoltyn on Thursday, May 2, 2019

The toddler was rushed to the hospital in January of this year after his mother dropped him off with his babysitter in Sonora. Not long after, Koltyn died. At the time, his cause of death was believed to be the flu, but some members of his family felt Koltyn's death was related to more than a sickness.

Five months later, Sonora police announced a change in Koltyn's cause of death, saying it was now suspicious. But, the cops did not label a suspect or a motive.

"It's something wrong with our world, our society when there's so many people in our boat," Tracy Gulcynski, Koltyn's grandmother, said.

Now on the eve of a celebration of his life, comes a new revelation. This week police said Koltyn was murdered and they are now investigating a homicide.

The family has a potential list of suspects which they chose to keep private. Instead, they are now working to raise money to build a legal fund to aid police in finally finding Koltyn's killer. They started a Facebook page, Justice For Koltyn, as a way to get help.

The family will not rest until the person who hurt Koltyn is behind bars.

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