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Stockton Police Dig For Body After Mysterious Tip

STOCKTON (CBS13) — An all-day dig in Stockton where police hoped to find a body came up empty on Tuesday.

An anonymous tip was detailed enough to show where investigators should look and what they would find near March Lane and Kentfield Road.

Stockton Police took it very seriously, bringing in an anthropology unit from Chico State, cadaver dogs from Santa Clara County, and the department of justice.

Neighbors near the same street corner where a man was gunned down two weeks ago watched as the dig happened.

"You kinda get used to it," said Kisha Lewis. "I hate to say that term, but you get used to violence."

But even when the search turned up empty, the rumors were still flying.

"Some people said there was like four dead bodies," said Alex Catron. "Someone said there was a family. Some people said there was nothing."

After a long day of digging and no bodies found, where the tip came from remains a mystery.

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