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Steinberg Urges Calm After City Council Outburst

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Stevante Clark's outburst at Tuesday's city council meeting is being played over and over, but back at city hall, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg would like to forget it ever happened.

"What happened last night cannot happen again," the mayor said Wednesday.

The mayor stood up but didn't immediately shut down the council meeting when Stephon Clark's brother leaped onto his desk.

"While I didn't like what happened, it is my job and our job to bear some of the pain that Stephon's brother and the community is feeling about the death of Stephon Clark," he said.

But in the lobby of city hall, the word "nope" was scrawled on Steinberg's picture, highlighting the heightened racial tensions in town.

Protesters say they want Steinberg to do more, but some in the community say the city is under-reacting.

"Public safety is in peril because we have radicalism with people who have incited violence," said Sacramento resident John Holden.

Protestors have successfully inconvenienced the public. Holden couldn't get to the Sacramento Kings game Tuesday after demonstrators blocked the entrance of the Golden 1 Center for the second time since the shooting.

Meanwhile, as people banged on windows at city hall, and jumped on the information desk, police say one man was arrested.

"People want to be heard, and we have to give them that opportunity," said the President of the Sacramento Police Officers Association, Timothy Davis.

Still, the association believes the two officers who shot at Stephon Clark 20 times did so, justifiably.

"We feel it's legally justified. That's just our opinion. It will be the attorney general—they're the ones looking at this to make that final decision," said Davis.

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