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Two Arrested After Gunfire Caught By Shotspotter Sensors

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies arrested two people they believe have gang ties using technology that listens to gunshots.

Investigators said multiple shots were fired just after 6 p.m. Thursday in South Sac, then again later that evening around 8.

The suspects got away the first time, but the second round triggered an alarm from a Shotspotter sensor planted nearby.

Detectives arrested 46-year-old Derick Paradise and 40-year-old Meay Saechao. They were found in a vehicle near 35th Avenue with a semi-automatic and a shotgun linking them to the crime.

"We are still investigating to see if there are any other serious crimes involved in this," said Sgt. Shaun Hampton with the sheriff's department.

In collaboration with the sheriff's gang unit and patrols, Hampton said the ShotSpotters played an integral role.

"That Shotspotter technology actually allows us to respond to these locations much faster," he said.

It's a detection system that narrows down a location from the sound of fire using acoustics and sensors.

Neighbors said it's a shame crimes like this are happening in their community.

"I'm a mom and my first concern is my kids," said one woman.

They want these Shotspotters deployed throughout the county.

"We should have more of it. We would have less crime," said another resident.

Detectives believe both Paradise and Saechao were out last night to kill and said these efforts are helping to keep Sacramento's streets safer.

"The technology that we're using now and the detective work from out patrol officers that work in that area, it is possible that there was a life saved last night and potential worse event occurring later in the evening," Hampton said.

Saechao has been released and Paradise remains in custody on a $340,000 bond.

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