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'My Address Doesn't Exist': Rural Residents Struggle to Get Packages Delivered

AMADOR COUNTY (CBS13)A frustrated viewer lives in a part of Amador County where the Postal Service requires her to use a PO box.

When she shops online, she's often disappointed at checkout. Both her PO Box and her home address pop up as invalid. 

It's usually not a problem if the online store uses the Postal Service to ship. 

But FedEx or UPS are not allowed to deliver to PO Boxes owned by the Postal Service, and her physical home address does not register. 

We checked with UPS and FedEx to see if they would ship directly to her home and it turns out, they will. 

But it seems stores don't know that. Why? 

We've learned the address database many stores use, is based off a Postal Service master address list, and her home is not listed. We contacted the Postal Service and got it added. 

Now when she orders online she'll try her PO Box. If that shows up as invalid, she knows they use a different shipper and will enter her home address and should get her packages. 

UPS and FedEx do have arrangements for customers in remote areas to pick up packages at certain stores, sometimes a Walmart or a Walgreens. 

But you can ask to get your address added to the Postal Service's master address by clicking here. It's called the Address Management System.

Input your zip code and it will give you the number to call for the district office serving your area. You also can ask your local post office to do it for you.

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