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Sgt. Tyler Andrews, Folsom Native Injured In Deadly Kabul Attack, Undergoes 21st Surgery

FOLSOM (CBS13) — A U.S. Marine Corps sergeant from Folsom who was among the service members hurt in a deadly suicide bombing at Kabul Airport continues to undergo surgeries.

That same Aug. 26 attack killed 13 U.S. service members - including Marine Sgt. Nicole Gee, a Roseville native.

On Thursday, the Warfighter Overwatch organization announced that Sgt. Tyler Andrews had undergone his 21st surgery. They also shared his first post-injury photo.

"For injured service members like Tyler, there will be many 'post injury' experiences. Life will be talked about in two phases…. pre-injury and post-injury and it will become a marker of sorts to delineate two different lives," the organization wrote.

Andrews has been receiving care in Germany with his family at his bedside.

No specific information has been officially released about Andrews' injuries.

"No, his life will never be the same. August 26, 2021 forever changed that. That date will now be known as his 'alive day'. The day he survived what was meant to kill him," Warfighter Overwatch wrote.

Andrews is a 2016 graduate of Folsom High School.

Sgt. Gree was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery on Wednesday.

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