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Mayor Steinberg Calls for Special Meeting To Address Questions About Councilmember Loloee's Home Address

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Mayor Darryl Steinberg will lead a special council meeting to clear up questions about the residency of Councilmember Sean Loloee who represents district two.

The mayor's meeting comes in response to calls for an independent investigation by a new neighborhood group called "District Two Coalition for Neighborhood Leaders" who are angry the address is even in question.

Mina Perez is a member of the new group.

"It's an embarrassment to our community — all these allegations — and how it's being handled," Perez said. "We just want the truth."

Perez lives in Del Paso Heights and wants answers about where her elected councilmember calls home.

The Sacramento Bee reports Councilmember Loloee does not live in Del Paso Heights, the community he represents, and that he lives in a Granite Bay home owned by his wife.

Loloee spoke exclusively to CBS13 from the Del Paso Heights home last week defending his residence in his district. He explained that his wife and their children live in Granite Bay and he still lives in Sacramento.

"She became very concerned for our kids' safety," Loloee said.

He said he was caught off guard by the Bee reports.

"With all the issues we have going on in our city, with all the unhoused community and everything we're trying to fix, with gas at $7, with lack of housing, rents soaring, I was off guard," he said.

Despite the Loloee television interview, Perez does not believe the councilmember's claims.

"Anyone can show up to a place and claim that 'this is my car' or 'this is my house,' " Perez said.

Now, Mayor Steinberg is calling for a special council meeting to publicly address the questions and is asking Loloee to account for his residency since becoming an elected leader.

"I pre-judge nothing, but I will bring into question an independent inquiry before the city council sometime this week," Steinberg said.

The mayor had asked for this special public meeting to be held this week. So far, it has not been publicly posted.

"We are asking for an investigation because we want to make sure that we have the truth," Perez said.

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