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Sacramento Medical Marijuana Delivery App May Conflict With City Law

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento-based app that allows marijuana to be delivered to homes could run afoul of the city's law.

Similar apps have popped up in other cities such as Los Angeles, and in some cases they've been driven out of town.

Almost 100 orders have been processed since the app launched just two weeks ago, but according to the city, delivering pot to your door is not allowed.

Sacramento State graduate Stephen Found developed the Sacramento-based medical-marijuana delivery service app called Clevertree. It provides the technology, while local dispensaries provide the product and drivers.

"There's all kinds of startups doing this kind of work in all kinds of industries so it's really changing the way we are living our lives," he said.

The city says a dispensary could lose its license if it is caught, but it also says the ordinance isn't enforced unless someone complains. So far, it hasn't received any complaints.

Canna Care dispensary owner Lanette Davies has patients who are too sick to come in, or others who want to avoid being seen at the dispensary, but she's not ready to send any of her employees to someone's home.

"We have to keep the public safe, keep the employees safe and we have to know where our product is at all times," she said.

However, Foung says apps like his, no matter what industry they cater to, are the new way to do business.

"Technology changes our world so fast that some laws, even 5, 10 years ago, are pretty much outdated now," he said.

He says he's completely open to working with the city to come up with a safe and regulated way to deliver pot. But if it came down to it, he says he'd move his business to a city that allows his delivery service app.

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