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State Put Brakes On Allowing Fitness Studios And Gyms to Reopen

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento County public health officials say no gyms or small fitness studios can resume operations at this point, despite the area being given the green light to move quicker with reopening.

The clarification was made on Thursday by Dr. Peter Beilenson, Sacramento County's Director of Health Services.

Dr. Beilenson said the county was working with small fitness studios to reopen at this stage, but the state put the brakes on the plan.

"The state came back today when we had our attestation posted that they are not allowing gyms, small fitness studios, pools or outdoor gatherings which had originally on our list of approved things," Dr. Beilenson said.

Sacramento County was among the counties given the go-ahead by the state this week to push further into the second phase of reopening. Retail stores and dine-in service at restaurants can resume in this expanded stage, but only with significant changes to ensure social distancing.

Gyms and fitness studios - along with religious services and other businesses like salons, barbershops and tattoo parlors - were never a part of the second stage of reopening as outlined by the state.

Still, Sacramento County public health leaders said they tried to find a way for studios to reopen.

"We were trying to be very flexible in a smart public health manner by being judicious and opening up with strict requirements the small fitness studios," Dr. Beilenson said.

Some Sacramento County fitness studios have said they will be reopening.

It's unclear if those businesses will now walk back reopening plans.

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