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Sacramento Groups Praise Gay Marriage Decision As Lawyer Questions Its Legal Foundation

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — There was much celebrating and praise for the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision on Friday, but one local attorney argues the ruling has no legal foundation.

Cheers began with a Sacramento group following the announcement by the Supreme Court Friday morning.

"Today for the first time, all 50 states have the freedom to marry," said Don Bentz, executive director of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center. "This morning, the Supreme Court basically affirmed our constitution's promise where there's a land where there's freedom and justice for all."

Attorney Kevin Snider, chief counsel of conservative legal defense group the Pacific Justice Institute, blasts the liberal justices, saying the opinion has no basis and the majority has no understanding of Constitutional principles.

"This case the opinion is like very few others, it has no real legal foundations," he said.

Supporters say while today's ruling is a win for them, there is more work to be done.

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