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Sacramento Business Owner Fed Up With Illegal Dumping

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento man is fed up with people trashing the outside of his business. He says they're using his back parking lot as their personal dump and it's costing him a fortune.

Surveillance footage catches some of the culprits in action.

"There were a bunch of kid's toys. I mean it's disgusting," said business owner Jerry Parsons.

The dumpster behind Nail and Hair Design on Northgate Boulevard is full, but nothing in it belongs to the business.

One truck was caught on surveillance footage backing up behind the business' fence. It is then seen flooring it to knock the boxes of junk of the truck's bed.

Parson says this happens all the time. Trash, mattresses, furniture and electronics – all left in heaps for him to clean up.

"That means we have to pay money to have this stuff dumped. And when they continue to keep coming back here and defacing their property, that's not right," Parsons said.

Parsons spends up to $200 a month to haul other people's junk off to the dump. He says that extra cost is hurting his business.

"This business operates because of the people that work here. And when the extra expense comes out of my pocket, in actuality it's coming out of theirs," Parsons said.

Parsons admits he has not contacted police yet. But, illegal dumping is a misdemeanor with penalties including fines up to $1,000.

The City of Sacramento is also trying to crack down on illegal dumping – even offering free pickup service twice a month.

Parsons says, either way, he's on the lookout.

"This is a crime."

If you are looking to dump something, calling 311 within Sacramento can help get you a free dumping coupon.

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