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Onlookers, Runners Drenched During California International Marathon

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Strong winds, heavy rains nor a downed tree and power line were enough to stop a record number of runners from competing in the California International Marathon Sunday.

Although, the weather had an impact, it was the downed tree and power line that forced a reroute of the race.

From the soggy start to the finish, sideways rain and strong wind, marathon runners braved it all.

"This weather is crazy you couldn't pay me to run in this," said one observer.

Nine thousand runners took to the streets of Sacramento area for the 30th California International Marathon.

"We're disappointed with the weather because we have the highest number of runners, but this is Sacramento in December. We're going to get rain," said Michelle La Sala CIM.

But even organizers didn't expect this much.

"We were concerned with the winds and made for some safety precautions," said La Sala.

They waited to put up the flags and tents, so the wind didn't knock them over.

First finisher Daniel Tapia says the weather actually helped him finish strong.

"I had to be very conservative, and I just calculated my moves just right and it worked out well for me," said Tapia.

Other runners say the puddles made for a good distraction.

"It's interesting because the elements gave us something to think about other than the next mile," said one runner.

Gusts up to 40 miles per hour were so strong it knocked a tree into a power line, forcing organizers to reroute the race.

"We just kept saying, 'get through that bit,' said another runner.

Those on the sideline hid under trees and ponchos to stay dry, but were unsuccessful.

"You just kind of have to keep moving, wear the right gear," said one onlooker.

Despite the weather, runners say it's a marathon experience they will never forget.

"This is my eighth marathon, and my favorite by far," said another runner.

The good news is that there were no serious weather-related injuries associated with the race.

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