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NFL Musings: The Chiefs Are For Real

By Dave "Deuce" Mason

-Wake up: Kansas City is good

The Chiefs improved to 9-0 yet so many people are pointing to their weak schedule as a reason they're not the best team in the NFL.

This team is very similar to the 2011 San Francisco 49ers—another team that was overlooked until the playoffs. Oh, another similarity? Alex Smith.

2013 Chiefs through 9 games:

Offense: 23.9 points per game, 119 rushing yards per game, 198.3 passing yards per game

2011 49ers: 23.8 points per game, 127.8 rushing yards per game, 183.1 passing yards


Kansas City: allowing 12.3 points per game (1st in NFL), two rushing TDs (2nd in NFL), and 23 takeaways (1st in NFL)

2011 49ers: Allowed per game 14.3 points per game (2nd in NFL), three rushing TDs (1st in NFL) and 38 takeaways (1st in NFL)

Strength of schedule:

2011 49ers strength of schedule ranked 30th in the NFL

2013 Chiefs strength of schedule ranked 28th in the NFL

We will learn more about the Chiefs following the bye week when they play three straight division games: @ Denver, vs. San Diego, vs. Denver.

A lot of pundits are obsessed with offenses but don't underestimate what Kansas City is doing on the defensive side of the ball. They went on the road and scored two defense touchdowns while the offense did not put up any points, and they still go the win.

Incognito needs to go-There's no place for what Richie Incognito did to his teammate Jonathan Martin. The NFLPA will do what it takes to protect Incognito but they should be focused on protecting Martin.

Racial slurs on voicemails and threatening text messages can't be tolerated and the NFL should make sure Incognito goes through the proper counseling before he returns to the field.

Message to Incognito: You're 30 years old. It's time to act like it.

-Raiders slide? Oakland is coming off an embarrassing home loss to the Eagles where Nick Foles looked like Peyton Manning. It won't get easier for the Raiders with visits to the Giants and the Texans over the next two weeks.

It's one thing to lose, and it's another to allow an Eagles offense to go crazy on your home turf.  The NFC East is considered the worst division in the NFL and the Raiders are 0-2 against the NFC East with two more games left ( @ NYG, @ DAL on Thanksgiving).

-Seahawks Struggles?

It's hard to say a team is struggling when their record is 8-1 and they've won four straight games but the Seahawks haven't looked good over the last two weeks.

Seattle came back from a 21-point deficit at home to beat the winless Bucs, and squeaked out a win against St. Louis. Is it time too panic in Seattle or is it a good thing that this team is being tested?

It's hard to answer but this team is finding a way to win, and that deserves some credit.

The next two weeks should be wins over Atlanta and Minnesota but the Seahawks better be ready for a home game versus the Saints and the big game at The Stick against the 49ers. Meanwhile, the 49ers are getting healthy at the right time.

-NFC North QB issues-Jay Cutler is hurt, the Vikings signed Josh Freeman but opted to play Christian Ponder and now Aaron Rodgers is down.

The local product on Monday night went down with a shoulder injury against the Bears.

Green Bay better hope he doesn't miss too much time—Seneca Wallace isn't going to win you a division.

What other options are out there?  Former Raiders QB and Packers backup Matt Flynn is available after getting cut by the Bills! Ok, just kidding…

You can hear Deuce Monday-Friday 12-3 p.m. with Jason Ross on KHTK Sports 1140. Follow him on twitter: @deucemason

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