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New Site Hopes To Fill Social Networking Needs For Kids

DANVILLE, Calif. (CBS13) – A new website is hoping to give kids who are too young for Facebook a social networking website of their own while keeping parents involved and in control of who they contact.

The founders of Everloop, a Danville-based website, say their social network gives kids ages 8 to 13 all of the fun of the internet while blocking out the bad.

"It's the bridging site of kids who are getting a bit too old for sites like Webkins and Club Penguin but aren't quite ready to go right into the world of Facebook or MySpace or Twitter," said co-founder and CEO Hilary DeCesare.

The concept for the site started with DeCesare's own children, including 13-year-old Dani, who is also the company's "spokesteen."

"When there isn't an alternate solution, kids are going to be resourceful and try to get on something they want, and social media are what their lives are about," Dani said.

The site's safety protocols prevent strangers from getting on Everloop, and algorithms block bad language even as it's being typed. Most importantly, parents must approve their children's friends, DeCesare said.

"This is about giving parents the tools they need with these digital citizens," Hilary said.

Everloop launched its beta site in February, but is now has open registration and is already gaining popularity.

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