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Man Breaks Into Galt Home While Teens Still Logged Into Class, Teacher Calls 911

GALT (CBS13) – Reyna Luna still can't believe her family's Galt home was broken-into-all while her kids were in distance learning.

"They said that a guy opened the window and went inside the house," Luna said.

Her kids' teacher, Jennifer Petersen, says she makes it a habit to wait until every student logs off before she does too. So when the students didn't log off, she knew something was wrong.

"I was just watching their faces and I can see their faces go from concern to panic," Petersen said.

That panic turned into frantic screams for help. Scanner audio describes the moment her students were met with the intruder.

"He came through the front side window. They saw him running through the house. He said he didn't want to steal or break anything and he ran out the back door and hopped out the back fence," the audio described.

"They kept saying help us, help us and calling out to me," Petersen said.

Petersen, from miles away, immediately called the police and stayed online until help arrived.

"So the teacher was able to call 911 and she stood online with them," Luna said.

"I was very much panicking inside," Petersen said.

Luna says she was also panicking as she rushed to help her kids and saw police surrounding the neighborhood.

She now calls her teens teacher a hero though Petersen says her instincts as a parent, took over.

"Any teacher would have done that and as a mother," Petersen said.

Police haven't announced any arrests.

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