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Little Joe Loudmouth: Poll: Greatest Catch Ever?

If Kim Kardashian's ass did in fact break the internet, then Odell Beckham Jr. went ahead and killed it!  I know you've seen this catch a thousand times already, but seriously, can you see it enough?

Though the Giants fell to the Cowboys 31-28 on Sunday Night Football, the only thing that the internet, and the world, could talk about is this amazing catch by Beckham Jr.  Beckham Jr. who was draped by the Cowboys Brandon Carr, somehow creates space, leaps backwards and stretches his 5'11 frame out to make an amazing 1 handed TD grab.  And upon further review, a 2 finger catch.

Beckham Jr. is known for his spectacular catches, and right before he made arguably the greatest catch ever, NBC ran a highlight reel of his pregame catches.  The way Beckham Jr. goes about making these incredibly difficult catches look so simple, is ridiculous.

Odell Beckham Jr Pregame One Handed Catches - Week 12 Giants Cowboys Sunday Night Football by Brainstorm: The Rxan Smith Podcast on YouTube


So I ask you, was that the greatest catch ever?  In my opinion, yes.  But just in case you need to refresh your memory on some other incredible catches, here you go.

In 2000 on Monday Night Football, in overtime, the Packers beat the Vikings at Lambeau Field in what is known as the "Monday Night Miracle".  A diving Antonio Freeman catches a tipped ball that actually rolls off his own back and then runs it in for the game winning TD.  Was this a better catch?

Antonio Freeman Monday Night Catch (ACTUAL BROADCAST SOUND) by TheHolySC on YouTube


January 10th, 1982 Joe Montana finds Dwight Clark in the back of the end zone for what is simply known as "The Catch", sending the Niners to the Super Bowl and starting a dynasty.  The catch itself can't compete, but the significance of it puts it in the conversation.  Where does "The Catch" rank?


And of course, David Tyree making a 1 handed circus catch off his helmet keeping the game winning drive alive for the Giants, as they went on to beat the then unbeaten Patriots in Super Bowl 42, 17-14.  Is this the greatest catch ever?

The best play on super bowl XLII by João Paulo Lima on YouTube


Too many amazing catches to post them all.  So I'll simply ask, was this catch by Odell Beckham Jr. the greatest catch ever?


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