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Keith Brooks & Carmichael Dave - August 16, 2013

Keith and Dave kick off the show with the "Morning After" with the best highlights from Thursday including the Giants big win in Washington and Sonny Gray's performance against the Astros.

In the "Beyond on the Field" headlines, Keith reads a story about the alcohol that sends the most people to the emergency room, and Keith talks about his experience having surgery on Thursday.

Friday's Five BIG questions:
1. What do you think about A-Rod throwing fellow players under the bus?
2. Do you think the challenge system is the way to go in MLB?
3. What will you remember most about Smith's time as a Niner?
4. Why do you think Loeb & Loeb is so secretive?
5. Do you think Dwight will ever win a championship?

The guys also debated MLB's new instant replay and talked about if all the attention on Colin Kaepernick will hurt him.

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