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Sacramento Man Resigns From Position In California Republican Assembly After Involvement In Capitol Riot

SACRAMENTO (CBS 13) — A Sacramento man who admitted his involvement in the U.S. Capitol riot in a video has resigned from his position as a local Republican leader.

The California Republican Assembly is condemning the actions of board member Jorge Riley, who they identify as the man in the video, and any plans for further violence.

There's been a crackdown across the country on people who were involved in the riot last week. Riley admitted his actions in a video shared on Reddit, but attorneys said that isn't a slam dunk for criminal charges. In the video, Riley is heard speaking in the moment about the Capitol riot.

"We pushed our way to Nancy Pelosi's office and went further and further," he said. Riley talks in detail about the violence. "I got pepper-sprayed three times," he said.

He also talks about breaching the building and pushing past police officers. And now his claims have caught up to him.

More from CBS Sacramento:

Riley was forced to resign his position as a local leader within the California Republican Assembly.

"Unfortunately on that particular day he made some decisions that were not representative of the values or vision of the California Republican Assembly," said Craig DeLuz, a spokesperson for the California Republican Assembly.

DeLuz said he believes anyone who participates in violence like this should be prosecuted.

"We have the opportunity of a nonviolent revolution every two years. It's called an election," he said.

The FBI is using social media images to try and track down those responsible for the riot. Attorneys tell CBS13, people can face charges for what's said in a video but prosecutors would also need physical evidence to corroborate any statements.

Riley was seen in the video wearing a Sac Republic FC shirt. The team released a statement saying Riley is "not a Republic FC member, has no association with the club in any matter, and unequivocally does not represent the values of this club."

The California Republican Assembly is now urging unity ahead of possible violence ahead of the presidential inauguration.

"If we're going to come together it's important for us to understand there's a lot more in common here than there is separate," DeLuz said.

CBS13 did reach out to the FBI today, but they could not tell us whether or not they are investigating Jorge Riley.

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