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Get Ready For Packed Roads With Holiday Weekend Travel

AUBURN (CBS13) — Millions of people are heading out of town for Memorial Day weekend.

It might be the unofficial start of summer, but you wouldn't know that in the Sierra. Some resorts are still open and businesses are gearing up.

"The holiday weekends really boost our numbers and put us back ahead of where we can just get into summer and kill it," Ikeda's assistant manager, Joshua Schmidt, said.

If you're one of the people heading out of town, buckle up, because you are not alone. AAA is expecting early 43 million people to be traveling for Memorial Day. That's the highest number in more than a decade.

They say most people will be driving, and it won't be cheap.

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"Considering I used to fill up my tank for 30 bucks and now it costs like 50 to 60 bucks it's kind of a bummer," traveler Travis Rudolph said.

The average price for a gallon of regular gas in California is $4.03. That's about 30 cents more than last year.

"These long holiday weekends are times of the year when people will prioritize their money going towards travel so they can spend that quality time with their friends and family," AAA spokesman Doug Shupe said.

If you haven't left town yet, congratulations. You missed the busiest day to be the road.

"Traffic was terrible. It gets worse and worse. That's why I'm coming up on a Thursday but so was everyone else," one traveler told us.

Now just avoid getting on the road Friday afternoon, and you should be in for a quicker trip. Hopefully, once you get to where you're going, it'll all be worth it.

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