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Foxes suspected of causing flea infestation at Northern California elementary school

Foxes suspected of causing flea infestation at Sacramento-area elementary school
Foxes suspected of causing flea infestation at Sacramento-area elementary school 01:24

CITRUS HEIGHTS - Students at a Northern California elementary school say they were bitten by fleas and the cause of the infestation may sound a little crazy.

San Juan Unified School District (SJUSD) officials are monitoring a flea situation at Skycrest Elementary School in Citrus Heights after students and staff were reportedly bitten by the bugs. They say foxes were seen on and around campus, and suspect the animals brought on the infestation.

A pest control company was brought to deal with the problem and signs were visible on campus notifying visitors of the treatment. Through it all, the kids were kept in class.

Veronica McMullen, who lives in the area, saw the signs warning of pest control treatment in front of Skycrest Elementary.

"We were able to treat over a weekend," she said.

The district is asking the public to not approach the animals or feed them. 

"We do continue to monitor the situation. So if we do find any concerning evidence of fleas, we do treat those specific areas. So if we need to move a classroom for a day, move that into some other space, treat that area, and then make sure that's taken care of," said Trent Allen, a district representative.

For now, the school district is trying to encourage the foxes to go away by applying scent around the school, plugging any holes where they might make a den, and talking with state wildlife officials about the possibilities of trapping them.

Neighbors say it's not unusual to see wildlife with a golf course and open spaces nearby

"We've had a coyote that roams the neighborhood, so we'll see," McMullen said.

For now, it'll be business as usual for McMullen. This dog lover says her pooch is protected.

"I'm not worried," she said. "I think we'll be OK."

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