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Fireworks Stand Volunteer Beaten, Dragged In Robbery

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — A mother watched helplessly as her daughter was beaten, dragged from the side of an SUV, then thrown into the street over a pack of fireworks.

Cindy Mullen said she saw her daughter being pulled into an SUV and dragged for yards before being thrown into the air and onto the street. All she could do was run to her side.

The incident happened Sunday evening near Elk Grove Boulevard and Williamson Drive.

"I thought I was running to a dead daughter," Cindy Mullen said.

Mischele Mullen was left to die in the street over a pack of fireworks. Her family said she was protecting them when a group of people robbed her stand. They said one man was coming for Mischele's son, so she stepped in between them.

"They grabbed her arms and pulled her in the car. She's 5'1. They grabbed her and beat her and then probably hit at least 40 miles an hour before they threw her out of the car and ran over her," Mischele's godmother, Penny Clay, said.

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Witnesses say the driver didn't even slow down as they pushed Mischele out of the car.

"There were two girls in the back screaming 'Go go go! Push her out of the window! Go," Cindy said.

Helplessly watching all this happen, Cindy was the first one to get to her daughter. She waited with Mischele until help arrived.

"I was yelling 'Call 911. Call 911.' I'm yelling to her, 'Don't move, don't move.' She didn't hear me, she's unconscious and unresponsive. I got to her. I just held her in my arms," Cindy Mullen said.

Mischele has run this TNT fireworks stand for years, raising money for adults with disabilities.

"We take out time off of work. We don't get paid for this to help. For this to happen it took our joy away from us," Cindy said.

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But even from the ICU, Mischele is fighting for her charity. She wants to make sure the thieves don't take anything else from such an important cause.

"She said 'I don't want you to quit. We do this for a reason. Don't quit mom. Those young adults have Down syndrome and they deserve this.' So that's why I'm here," Cindy said.

Police say, so far, no arrests have been made.

Only a vague description of the suspect and car were available.

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