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Family Seeks Justice With $100,000 Reward For Information About Murder

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A family has come forward offering $100,000 for information about the murder of a beloved brother and soon-to-be uncle.

Jose Pablo Flores Martinez was found shot in the chest inside his car in Stockton last week. His family believes offering a huge reward is necessary to get people to come forward about this crime.

Police are struggling to get people to talk, and they agree, the money could be a game changer.

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Jose Pablo Flores Martinez
Jose Pablo Flores Martinez
Jose Pablo Flores Martinez

"The family wants to know what happened, why he was there. It's a difficult time for everybody," said Ruby, a family friend who did not want her last name used.

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Family and friends of Martinez have no idea why he was shot. He was found with a gunshot wound to his chest inside a parked car near Sierra Nevada Street and Poplar Street on May 22nd. He later died at an area hospital.

"There's so much crime sometimes it seems like, ugh, one more. Sometimes it's like nobody cares anymore," Ruby said.

Ruby joined Martinez's sister, Analleliy Flores, in her effort to find justice. Through tears, Flores described her brother as hardworking and kind.

"He just doesn't think bad of people, he always sees the good in people. Almost like a child," said Flores.

Family said he was at bible study just hours before being shot in the chest. The $100,000 reward is an effort to answer questions about what happened.

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"Give them a motive to talk. It's sad that you have to be paid to do what you're supposed to do," Ruby said.

Police said the area where this shooting happened has seen a lot of crime lately.

"We were out there earlier this morning walking the neighborhood talking to people but now we are going to be able to go back to the neighborhood and offer a $100,000 reward," said Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department.

Silva said this is the 20th homicide they've had this year. He says there's been an arrest for about 40% of those homicides.

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