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Downtown Sacramento "nuisance" liquor store has liquor license suspended for serving minors

Sacramento liquor store has liquor license suspended for serving minors
Sacramento liquor store has liquor license suspended for serving minors 02:04

SACRAMENTO -- A liquor store that's been at the center of chaos in downtown Sacramento had its liquor license suspended and now has 180 days to sell or transfer the license to another owner.

Rodney's Cigar and Liquor Store has "No Alcohol Sales Sorry!" sign on its front window, accompanied by an official notice from Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) that the store's liquor license has been suspended until further notice.

A spokesperson for ABC confirmed to CBS13 that the suspension followed a Minor Decoy Program operation, finding that the store sold alcohol to minors three times from 2022 to 2023.

The license is suspended indefinitely, but for legal reasons, it's posted as suspended for 25 days and indefinitely thereafter. If the license is not transferred within 180 days, ABC has the authority to revoke the license.

The store told CBS13 it had "no comment at this time" when contacted about the suspension.

With the suspended license comes tarps over all of the alcoholic beverage shelves in the store. Signs inside let customers know they can continue to buy other items, but not liquor.

Why does a liquor store's license suspension matter? Rodney's Cigar and Liquor Store is located on the corner of 10th and J Streets in downtown Sacramento. Across the street sits the Citizen Hotel and Cesar Chavez Park. Directly across J Street from the liquor store is an empty building for lease that is boarded up and covered with graffiti.

It's a tale of two sides of downtown: one is revitalized for events and dining, and the other was described to CBS13 by one downtown resident as a "nuisance."

The Sacramento Police Department confirmed, anecdotally, that the business was a "hotspot" for issues and has become a "hub" for citations like loitering, public intoxication, public urination, and open containers.

Not every incident is linked to the store's address because, oftentimes, individuals who live in the area will take the issues to other parts of downtown including the homeless encampment in front of the Sacramento City Hall or alleyways.

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