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Designers Refine Proposed Sacramento MLS Stadium Plans

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The city is getting a closer look at the proposed Major League Soccer stadium.

The MLS sports complex would be constructed to seat nearly 20,000 people and in hopes of hosting the Sacramento Republic FC.

The stadium would sit near the Railyards and border a few developments where homeowners raised some concern on the south end.

"A lot of trucks are moving in and out of there on game night, so being able to buffer that is really important part of the overall plan," said Bruce Monighan, the City's Urban design manager.

Designers of the MLS sports complex have made some modifications and plan to move the stadium 40 feet to the north and additionally reduce 10 feet on all sides of the stadium.

There are also plans for a bikeway project which will link up new streets with the Railyard project as well as allow access from all sides of the city.

Monighan believes this is a great thing for Sacramento.

"It will really change this end of town and I think that's a significant, long-term look for Sacramento over the next 50 to 100 years," he said.

Republic FC executives say the stadium would likely be used 33 times a year and has room to grow and could be alternatively be used for concerts.

There are still several steps before this proposal is complete, and ultimately it will only be built with private funds if Sacramento is granted the MLS expansion.

The final phase is expected to be presented on Oct. 20.

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