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You Probably Don't Have Coronavirus: Doctors See Uptick In Patients Seeking Treatment For Flu Symptoms

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The coronavirus has had people on edge for weeks now. Each cough or sneeze from a person likely turns heads. This time of year many illnesses share the same symptoms.

"Tends to be fever, runny nose, cough, they might have headaches or muscle aches," said Dr. Brett Laurence with Sutter Health.

He's talking about the other viruses going around town. The symptoms are very similar to that of your average cold or flu.

Dr. Laurence told CBS13 this is a common time of year for viruses, but more people than usual have been heading into local clinics. Many being extra vigilant among the coronavirus headlines.

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It's that mindset that's got Sacramentans like Gerald Zipay thinking twice if he started seeing symptoms.

"That thought would cross my mind," he said when asked if he would assume it could be COVID-19.

Those who have been assuming the worst have been heading to local clinics like Sutter's Walk-In Clinic for help.  Some slightly expecting to be the next positive case.

"This is a very high alert on people's minds cause there's a lot of thoughts about 'what if I have the coronavirus,'" said Dr. Laurence.

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Though the constant conversations of coronavirus haven't necessarily been all bad. It's been a consistent push for good hygiene among our population.

"I think the news may be heightening our awareness to be screening for it really well," said Dr. Laurence.

That gives people like Zipay some peace of mind.

"We shouldn't automatically think the worst," said Zipay.

When asked if people should be more concerned about any of the other viruses or illnesses going around, Dr. Laurence said everyone should always take precautions against being sick. That means people should keep washing their hands, avoid touching their face and stay home from work or school if they're sick.

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