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Call Kurtis Volunteer Helps Lathrop Viewer Double-Billed For Medical Procedure

LATHROP (CBS13) — When a Lathrop viewer was double charged for a medical procedure, she reached out to the Call Kurtis team for help.

Diane Dimas says that the medical facility she had her procedure at charged her twice, an extra $70.47, even though she had proof of her copay. She says she tried speaking with someone on the phone but kept getting transferred.

Eventually, the company threatened Diane with collections and that's when she called Kurtis.

Thankfully, Chuck, who's been a volunteer on the team for 16 years, was on the case.

"When I got ahold of them, I was able to get through to one of the top people in the billing department – or rather, the lab itself, and they looked it up and said 'we're going to take care of this,' " said Chuck.

After he reached out, the billing manager personally walked the paperwork over to the correct department and the problem was resolved.

"They knew who we were and they were very willing to take a look at it, right off, and deal with it," said Chuck.

Case closed. Thanks, Chuck.

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