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Case Closed: Call Kurtis volunteer team gets viewer a refund for shower door

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) -- When a pandemic installation delay kept a Sacramento woman from realizing she had the wrong shower door and couldn't get a refund, she decided to call Kurtis.

And, thankfully, a volunteer who's been with CBS13 for 16 years took the case.

Joyce Adams bought a shower door from Home Depot towards the end of 2020, but right when she was about to have it installed, the pandemic hit. That put the project on hold for two years.

Finally, when Joyce was able to bring in a new contractor, they told her that the door was the wrong size. And when Joyce reached out to Home Depot for a refund, she was denied on the grounds that the standard year-long warrant had expired.

That's when she reached out and Volunteer Chuck took the case.

"So I went to them and just asked I they could review this and offer a goodwill gesture," said Chuck. "And they did, they gave her store credit for the full price."

Home Depot didn't want the old door returned so Joyce says she'll donate it. And since she's already got a new shower door, she plans to put the store credit towards a new home appliance.

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