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Cameron Park Man, 95, Aims To Set World Record As Oldest Pilot Still Flying

CAMERON PARK (CBS13) — A 95-year-old pilot from Cameron Park is making a bid for the record books as the oldest pilot still flying in the world.

With his 70-year-old son behind the camera, 95-year-old Pete Weber got behind the controls of a plane to pilot himself into the record books.

Weber was an Air Force pilot who flew in Vietnam and World War II. Now he has a whole new kind of mission—becoming the oldest living pilot in the world.

"If someone else comes along, a little bit later, older, more power to 'em, I'd be more than happy to shake his hand or call em up and congratulate him," he said.

He's already anticipating new competition.

"If I'm still alive i'll try and beat 'em," he said.

For his flight to be recognized, the Guinness Book of World Records requires video, still pictures and expert witness testimony.

No one knows Weber's love of flying quite like his wife, Ruth. She knew was she was getting into when Pete took off in a plane to practice stunts hours before the ceremony.

"I was in a top of a loop upside down and the engine quit, so i landed in a corn field and I was four hours late for my wedding," he said.

His bride was understanding.

"I knew he'd show up eventually," Ruth said, laughing.

That was 72 years ago.

Now, his family is watching as his love for flying could take him to new heights as a Guinness record holder.

The record books will show him at 95 years, 4 months and 23 days old, but he says he's going to keep flying as long as he passes his physical, meaning that could change.

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