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Call Kurtis: Who Will Pay After Wayward Golf Ball Smashed My Windshield?


VALLEJO (CBS13) - There's no doubt what hit Murray McDaniel's windshield. The avid golfer for three decades knows accidents happen, especially with golf balls.

"I've had a few balls go astray; I think almost every golfer has," said McDaniel.

After a round of golf at Mare Island Golf Club he discovered damage to his truck's windshield. He says management initially agreed to cover the $313 in damage but now won't return his calls.

McDaniel is not happy about being ignored.

"That's just wrong," he said.

So who's responsible if a rogue golf ball or little league foul ball hits your car?

"It would depend on the circumstances," said attorney Anthony Garilli.

He says it could be the person who hit the ball, but you've got to find them.

Garilli says you could try to go after the facility, but they may argue you assumed the risk when you parked there.

"Some facilities carry insurance to cover it, because it's good business to do so," he said.

We reached out to Mare Island's general manager Mark Mendoza. He told us while they are, "Under no obligation to replace his window," he is, "happy to work with him and come to a resolution."

But after that, Mendoza ignored our repeated calls, and McDaniel says he hasn't heard from Mendoza either.

Unhappy with the golf course's response, McDaniel hopes no one is ever on the wrong end of a golf ball. For now, he says he's just going to the eat the cost of the repair.

McDaniel could have turned the claim into his insurance, but there's a deductible.

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