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Call Kurtis: Valet Crashed My Porsche And Didn't Tell Me

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) -- After picking up his car from the valet at Season's 52 at Arden Fair Mall, Andrew Kearney said he didn't initially spot damage.

It wasn't until the next day that he saw scratches and a chunk of plastic missing from the bumper of black Porsche.

"[I was] definitely angry," Andrew said. "I thought someone would say something."

He said the valet company, Neumann Enterprises, eventually admitted fault, after mall security told Andrew a valet backed his car into an SUV.

According to the company's website, Neumann handles valet services for several high-end Sacramento restaurants – including Ella Dining Room and Bar, Esquire Grill and Mulvaney's B&L.

Instead of handing over its insurance information, Andrew says Neumann told him to take it to the body shop they use.

"I wasn't extremely confident taking my car there," Andrew said.

He said it's because that shop doesn't normally work on his type of car.

But, Andrew said Neumann told him if he wanted to get it fixed elsewhere, they were not going to pay.

"If you damage someone else's vehicle you have to provide that proof of responsibility," said Nancy Kincaid with the Department of Insurance.

And she said no one can demand you take your damaged car to a specific shop.

"You absolutely, under the law, may choose to go wherever you want to get your car repaired," Kincaid said.

We wanted to know why no one from Neumann Enterprises told Andrew a valet damaged his car.

Owner John Neumann told us, "I have no idea. Maybe the kid panicked."

He insists the company has a 100 percent satisfaction rate.

Although, we found similar complaints on Yelp. One reviewer said the car "…was totalled (sic) by a valet. HUGE battle trying to get…[them] to take responsibility."

Neumann would not talk to us about that case.

"They haven't tried to compromise whatsoever," Andrew said.

After we got involved, John Neumann agreed to pay for Andrew's car to be repaired at the shop of his choice.

"That's all I need," he said.

We reached out to Season's 52; the managing partner said he didn't know Andrew's damaged vehicle until we brought it to his attention.

Kincaid recommends involving your own insurance company, because they can go to bat for you.

She said by law the company can't raise your rates, if you didn't cause the crash.

Neumann told us the employee in question was not let go.

The company told us their valets watch a training video to prepare them for these situations.


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