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Call Kurtis: Been A Victim Of Fraud? Here's What You Should Know

STOCKTON (CBS13) — When a Stockton couple was struggling to get their tax refund from last year, they reached out to Kurtis for help.

Lonnie Harris-Brown did his taxes through H&R Block last year and chose to get his $7,200 refund issued on a prepaid card. But Lonnie says that when he and his wife went to use the card, it had no funds on it.

So, they reached out to H&R Block and an investigation was launched. However, the company determined no fraudulent activity occurred because someone who knew the PIN number had withdrawn funds in Stockton, where the Harris-Browns live.

"Well, it's just like, I feel like they threw us to the wayside," said Lonnie. "Kind of ignoring the matter."

Neither Lonnie nor his wife have any idea how the fraudster got their PIN number, but they say that, somehow, it was stolen.

That got us wondering, how do you get a bank or, in this case, H&R Block, to believe you are a victim of fraud? The answer: immediately file a police report.

When you do so, you risk perjuring yourself if you lie to the police. In other words, you're letting the bank or other financial institution know that you are serious and risking jail time if you're lying.

In this case, Lonnie did file a police report. And after we reached out to H&R Block, a spokesperson said that they welcomed the opportunity to discuss the matter further with Lonnie.

But Lonnie says that he's still getting the run-around. So we'll keep pressing for answers.

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