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Call Kurtis Investigates: TV Doctor Arrested for Practicing Medicine Without a License

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A chiropractor who made regular appearances in a paid segment on KXTV morning show, Sac & Co has been arrested and is facing twelve felony counts, including grand theft and practicing medicine without a license.

Dr. James Martin wore scrubs and a lab coat while appearing on the show as he claimed he could help people with weight loss, hair loss, thyroid issues and diabetes.

"I've had many families and husbands come in to say I just wanted to say thanks for giving me my wife or husband back." he said to the host during a 2013 appearance.

Former patient Louisa Boudreau of Sacramento saw him on television and says he claimed he could reverse her autoimmune condition and get her off medicine she was taking.

"I was thinking Hallelujah, There's somebody who can finally help people with this." Boudreau recalled.

$7,000 later, Bourdreau says he gave her a supplement that caused a bad reaction and her heart to speed up. She says there was a series of red flags over the course of six appointments.

"He would forget my case and he tried to give me supplements I already had bad reactions to." Boudreau stated.

CBS13 has learned Martin was arrested in July in Shasta County after a state investigation determined he was practicing medicine without a license.  Martin is now facing twelve felony charges in Sacramento County. According to court records, he's accused of practicing medicine without a license, which is a felony. Martin is also accused of felony grand theft for taking thousands of dollars from eleven patients including Boudreau.

"The unlicensed practice of medicine is an issue, and we take it very seriously," said Cassandra Hockenson with the California Medical Board.

Her agency says Martin claimed he was a doctor of Pastoral Science under the Pastoral Medical Association. The Medical Board claims he was practicing outside the scope of a chiropractor and a Doctor of Pastoral Science is not recognized in California.

"This is your health, and your life and you want to make sure that who you are seeing is properly trained and properly licensed," Hockenson said.

After his felony arrest, a Sacramento judge suspended Martin's chiropractor's license.  He bailed out of jail and is scheduled to appear in Sacramento Superior Court on August 10th.

CBS13 has learned of at least nine patients who are now suing him. Boudreau sued Martin in small claims court and won, but she says he has yet to pay her.

She says he stole something from her, that's even more valuable.

"He took our time and he took our trust."

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